April 18, 2013

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The last few hours of the night are what everyone remembers. When we do Receptions we use equipment from the best in the industry but that’s nothing without our expertise in handling program coordination and music. Our MC’s make sure to keep all your guests pumped up from the moment they walk in until the very last song ends.


We’ve grown up learning music and instruments so when we play music we draw on decades of awesome music including


Whether it’s Ainvayi Ainvayi, Beware of the Boys, Calvin Harris, or Daft Punk…You name it – we mix it.


Our Reception Sound Setup always includes


– 2-6 speakers of speakers and subwoofers – We utilize equipment from the QSC KW line which has a full array of equipment to suit different crowd sizes and venue layouts. These are all put through a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) to create balanced and even sound which is powerful when needed but more importantly crisp and clear without being overbearing.

– Dance Floor Lighting – Intelligent Moving Head Lights mounted on 7’ Truss Towers

– Wireless Microphones – We use Shure GLX-Digital wireless microphones to provide a clip-on